Ep 18: Effective Selling is More Than a Well Populated CRM

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Jul 21 2020 60 mins  

Are you in the business of selling?

How do most of your sales conversations go? Mostly good. Or mostly Bad?

Why is that?

Sure, you've got all the tools you need - A CRM, a lead management funnel, beautiful PowerPoint presentations,

But tools are only one thing. Sales is built on one simple factor.


What actions do you take to build trust with your audience?

Are you talking to all the people you need to to make the sale?

Are you solving customer problems, helping them see "what's in it for me"

Or are you spending most of the conversation selling the message as to why your product is the best?

In today's episode I chat with Alex McNaughten about techniques that make an effective salesman.

About Alex

Alex is the the founder of Sales Leaders where he looks to address the Sales Capability Gap, helping  ambitious companies and sales professionals (primarily in the technology space) solve more problems globally, through effective selling!

Alex is passionate about the science of selling and accelerating the impact companies in the Southern Hemisphere make both locally and on the global stage! His motto is Be Positive - Confidence is Contagious!