Ep 19: DevOps makes everyone responsible for the bottlenecks

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Jul 27 2020 61 mins  


Its more than just the sum of it's parts - Development and Operations

It's a software development approach that ensures that the people writing code are now responsible for the outcome of the design, not just throwing it over the fence to be someone else's problem.

In a world where IT and the business they serve are increasingly aligned in their strategic goals, DevOps is becoming a way to ensure that software development is now a product and not just an activity.

It's removes bottle necks from your delivery cycle in order to deliver faster outcomes for your customer, better.

But where do traditional technology roles and practices fit? What do you do with the technology you already have?

And how to you combine activities which are fluid with practices that are seen as bureaucratic?

In this episode I talk with Jakob Diness, my first international guest, about DevOps and why you should treat technology like cattle, not a pet.

About Jakob
Based in Denmark, Jakob is a Digital Business Consultant.

He is an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Expert certified trainer having been teaching ITIL courses for several years.

As a consultant with BusinessNow his focus is advising large and medium-sized companies on their digital journey and transformation with ServiceNow as the central platform.

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Books we reference: 

  1. The Agile Manager: Dr Cherry Vu and Robert England
  2. A Seat at The Table: Mark Schwartz
  3. From Project to Product: Mik Kersten
  4. The DevOps Handbook: Gene Kim, John Willis, Patrick Debois, Jez Humble

And if you want to know more about the Phoenix Project, talk with Jacob Diness or James Gander at https://www.gander.co.nz/