Ep 20: Use Technology to Drive Impact and Purpose, and Help do Good Things With Profit

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Aug 03 2020 48 mins  

The last few decades have seen the emergence of the social enterprise.

Businesses that create profit to deliver on pupose and leave a sustained impact

For New Zealand this means companies like Eat My Lunch, Kilmarnock, and Ecostore. These are companies who don't see profit as a dirty word, but as a way to do good things

Constantly looking for tools to help them out but, unlike charities, these companies are not as constrained by budgets.

And that's where technology companies need to show how to connect what they offer with impact and purpose.

They need to provide solutions that are scalable and grow with the business.

Showing how they can solve problems

And above all, answer "what's in it for me"

It's as much about values as it is value.

Because people are motivated when it's clear that you are driven by more than just profit

In this episode I talk with Sheridan Jamieson about Social Enterprise and how technology firms could look to support them.

About my guest:

Sheridan lives a dual life as an independent consultant for his company, Seedling Consulting, and as Head of Operations at One Percent Collective. This experience combined with his time spent in the financial services sector mean he’s got a wide-ranging view of what ‘being in business’ means. Sheridan is passionate about social enterprise and grass-roots charity and wants to help purposeful and impact-led businesses to thrive.