Ep 23. Use Technology to Support an Everyplace Working Strategy.

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Aug 18 2020 59 mins  

The modern workplace has evolved over the last few decades. Supported by technology we have seen the decline of fixed office space, the rise of flexi-desking, and then the rush towards remote working. 

Those that are successful at this have learned that:

  • Every business is unique, you can't emulate your way to success
  • Technology plays a part, but it is not the be all and end all
  • Managers must balance visibility with flexibility - presenteeism isn't productivity
  • We need to create the right space for people, and then enable them to use it
  • If you aren't sure what's going to work, pilot it.

Because the way we work is a combination of Workplace, Technology, and People.

Success comes when we combine that with Trust, Accountability and Choice,

Which is why in todays climate companies need to build an everyplace working strategy, not just a workplace strategy. 

Today I talk with Jo Monaghan about workplace strategy.

About Jo:
Jo Monaghan, workplace strategist and designer, is the founder of ‘The Flow Company’ whose mission is to ”build wellbeing into workplace strategy and design”.

Committed to creating sustainable workplace environments that connect and inspire, The Flow Company puts people at the heart of everything they do.  Their purpose is to create environments that elevate people’s wellbeing by focusing on People first, then Place.  

She is currently working with a number of clients on their everyplace working strategies, as our recent experiences show it’s not all about the office anymore but more about Choice, Flexibility and Trust.

These are exciting times as Jo explore's new models for how and where people work that align with  business strategies and goals she is excited to be leading that exploration.