Ep 24. What's in a Qubit?

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Aug 25 2020 61 mins  

Imagine a world where complex problems can be solved in minutes instead of years.

The good it would do - forecasting how to respond to extreme events, and preparing the legislation to deal with it.

The bad it would do - uncrackable encryption cyphers become vulnerable, causing issues for security

Thanks to Quantum computing, it's not something we need to imagine! Quantum computing ushers in a whole new world of possibilities.

A world where computational equations are no longer +1, they are to the power of!

The problems they can solve are endless, and it's with in reach of even the smallest companies

And then there's the possibility of irrefutable evidence, supported by distributed ledger, and the changes that can enable in society. 

Can the two emerging technologies work together to transform the way we think, plan, and do?

In this episode I talk with Sean Muller about the opportunities behind Quantum Computing and Distributed Ledger.

About Sean 

Sean has 26 Years of experience in helping companies use technology to achieve outcomes.

For the last 6 years he has been helping companies disrupt internally using innovative technologies implemented within existing enterprises to help drive digital transformations.