Innocence Lost: Adam Walsh

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Feb 10 2020 69 mins  

Adam Walsh's disappearance gripped a nation that thought children don't just go missing. But, they do. This was the first missing child case that was ever nationally televised. The nation was terrified. Kids couldn't play outside alone anymore, running to the toy aisle while mom checked out the latest fashions was no longer an option. Parents were stricken with fear and when a severed head of the boy was discovered with no body, nobody could imagine such evil.

Tonight the Good Wives dish all about this case, the investigation and why it took 27 years to solve and bring justice and peace to the Walsh family. Don't forget to subscribe on your favorite platform. If you leave us a 5-star review or share and tag us on IG you will be entered in our monthly drawing for free coffee on us. Head over to Instagram to learn all about it.

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