Shut Up and Dance! with Guy Thorne | Episode 2

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Apr 06 2020 58 mins  

In this episode we talk with Guy Thorne of FuturPointe dance, and a former member of Garth Fagan dance.  FuturPointe is a reggae-ballet dance company based out of Rochester, NY that blends a ton of different disciplines and styles into one dynamic show.  Guy is the co-founder of the company along with his wife N'Jelle, and together with their dancers have performed all around the world including Trinidad, the Bahamas, San Diego, and London.
Guy shares with us how he got started in dance and why it's important to move more often and more creatively.  He also offers some tips for those non-dancers out there like me who have no idea where to start.  If you've ever spent a few minutes around a young kid you'll notice their urge to dance, and they do it without caring what the world thinks about them.  Guy explains to us ways to use dance to engage kids in learning in fun ways.  Check out their company through the links below!

FuturPointe Dance
Guy Thorne
MOVRS Instagram

2:40 - Guy's background-Guyana-Jamaica-NYC-Rochester
9:30 - Flaws with common thoughts about movement/dance
13:18 - Dance and vulnerability
17:55 - Kids learning through movement
23:20 - How to get non-dancers moving
29:53 - Storytelling with movement
36:15 - "The silliness of it is the vulnerability of it"
37:47 - What is FuturPointe Dance?
40:30 - Advice from his Father "You get good enough at something and people will pay you for it, and you can make a living doing it"
51:12 - Why should people dance?

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