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Apr 20 2020 29 mins  

Joonas Niemi is the Project Manager for the Schools on the Move project in Finland.  The objective of the program is to increase physical activity in schools across the country, and it is now being implemented in more than 90% of Finnish schools.  Finland is widely regarded as having one of the best education systems in the world, and I believe the way they prioritize movement and play is a key factor in that success.

Joonas explains to us the ways they have been trying to increase physical activity not just in school, but during their transportation to and from school.  He explains how their recess periods are run, with students at the core of the experience, and how the teaching profession is viewed in Finland.

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2:20 - Active school transportation
6:00 - Schools on the Move Project
9:24 - Movements effects on behavior
12:00 - Importance of student choice
15:12 - Benefits of outdoor play
18:05 - Suggestions for teachers to implement more movement with kids
20:55 - The importance of administration and school leadership support
22:13 - 15 minute recess after every 45 minutes of instruction
24:10 - Standardized testing in Finland
25:16 - Autonomy

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