Parent the Danish Way with Iben Sandahl | Episode 10

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Jun 29 2020 67 mins  

Iben Sandahl is an internationally renowned public speaker, psychotherapist, and educator.  She's also the best-selling author of the books "The Danish Way of Parenting", "Play the Danish Way", and "Hold My Hand".  You can find more of her writings featured in Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

I had an amazing conversation with Iben about parenting, and learned some great tips on raising your kids to live more independent, resilient, and happier lives.  She explained the importance of play in kids lives and how it is a major factor in creating all of those things.  Iben offers an online course on how to raise happy children the Danish way, and her website has several great resources and learning opportunities as well.

Thank you for checking out this episode, and please visit Iben's resources to learn more about her and what she offers.  If you enjoyed the episode, please consider giving the show a rating on iTunes, subscribing, and/or following us on Instagram!  Thank you!

Episode Timeline:
1:20 - Denmark being the "Happiest Country in the World"
5:10 - Discipling Children
14:25 - What is Hygge?
18:00 - Raising Independent Children to "Healthily Detach"
23:10 - Screen Time
28:45 - Trust
37:20 - Too Many Toys?
47:10 - Changing the View of Play
54:00 - Building Resilience Through Play
60:02 - Online Parenting Course


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