Biking to School in Finland with Joonas Niemi | Episode 16

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Aug 10 2020 42 mins  

This episode features a returning guest, Joonas Niemi, the program coordinator of Schools on the Move in Finland.  Joonas focuses on active transportation, trying to encourage kids  to walk and bike back and forth to school, and shares examples on how Finnish students actively commute to school and the infrastructure set in place to allow for it.  This is a great way to promote physical activity without changing the school day schedule, and also sets the kids up for academic success by getting them moving before the day starts.

Schools on the Move Website:

Episode Timeline:
1:50 - How to speak (some) Finnish
9:20 - Joonas' childhood story
12:00 - Finnish culture of active transportation
14:10 - Why should kids actively commute?
21:40 - Commuting in the snow
28:50 - Is it safe?

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