Take Your Classroom Outdoors with Seth Almekinder | Episode 21

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Sep 21 2020 49 mins  

Seth Almekinder is an elementary/middle school teacher at Naples Central School in NY.  He taught for years in Poland and other various schools around the world, and this year will be leaving Naples to teach in Bangladesh.  These experiences have helped Seth develop an excellent learning experience for his students in which they spend one full day outside each week doing place-based education.  He explains how in the beginning of the year they start out with short local hikes, and by the end of the year his students are working up to 5-6 miles in a day.

Listen as Seth shares how he developed this program and how he implements it, and how despite spending a full day outside of the classroom learning, his students aren't missing out on learning opportunities and falling behind.  These are the type of educators we love to highlight on MOVRS!

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Episode Timeline:
5:00 - "Week Without Walls"

10:00 - Move to Learn

13:40 - Rigorous Academic Curriculum

22:30 - How to Start Place-Based Education at Your School

32:00 - Student Behavior Outside vs. Inside

43:50 - Teaching Internationally

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