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Jun 29 2020 24 mins  

FIRST - before anything please go and subscribe, rate and review my podcast for a chance to win some swag...once you do this, send me your review to [email protected] to be entered into a draw to win.  PS - I would also love to hear your feedback, ideas for guests or topics and if you're interested in being on my show!  All of this is so important to keep my show alive!

Next - I will preface this episode is NOT medical advice whatsoever.  This is for educational purposes and discussion only.  See your own practitioner for medical advice.

Next - if you do want to work with me as your Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am taking on new clients.  Send me a message and we can hop on a free call to see if it's right for you.  [email protected]

This episode is mostly about a few things new-ish in the news with studies and findings.  I talk about these things including testing that's coming!  So exciting.  I have to note that I'm seeing a sad trend of shaming all over social media, and I really really hope this turns around.  Now is not the time to shame others for choices they make, and especially mask wearing.  How about this?  We all act with kindness and stop judging or shaming others for their choices, regardless of what they are, because most people want safety for our society and don't want covid to spread.  Put yourself in the shoes of others and act with empathy, as you have no idea what anyone's reasons are for doing what they do or don't do.  I have my own beliefs based on many studies I review daily, and I will not shame anyone for the choices they make if different from mine.  Kindness wins.  Acting out of fear and shaming others will only hurt in the end. #actwithempathy