ep.10 - "Is it common to fantasize about going through a traumatic event?" Ask Kati Anything!

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May 14 2020 61 mins  

The audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep.10 are:

  1. Hi Kati! I was wondering if it’s unhealthy or weird that I go to my teacher to vent and get advice instead of my mom or family? I feel like it’s so weird, but I’m more comfortable with her, is that messed up? Thanks!
  2. How to help a spouse get help. Working on myself has been a process but finally getting my anxiety and codependency and trust issues in order but if we’re both not healing and bettering ourselves it’s not going to work. My spouse desperately needs to work on opening up, communication...
  3. Hi! I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between letting yourself feel an emotion, just let it pass through...
  4. Is it common to fantasize about going through a traumatic event? Does this only happen among...
  5. What is the etiquette if your therapist goes through a loss in their family? I have my first session with my therapist since his mom died, and I'm really nervous. I feel like my struggles are nothing in the face of....
  6. How to deal with “touch starvation” during quarantine when there isn’t anyone at home available or safe enough for it and social distancing is being encouraged?
  7. Hi Kati, how do you get people to open up? I am one of those people who never talk about their feelings and what is going on. I think it has a lot to do with my...
  8. Hi Kati, since you have a significant social media presence and share some of your life online, what do you do if your clients know more about you than they should? I know...

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