Episode 1:Overwhelm is Optional

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Mar 25 2020 55 mins  

How does the title Overwhelm is Optional make you feel? Annoyed (why did nobody tell me!) hopeful (please tell me how it is optional) relieved (someone might understand what I'm going through) intrigued....

In this episode I discuss what I mean by overwhelm and the idea that we can, and should, do something about the huge waste of our lives when we get stuck too overwhelmed to do anything other than get stuff done and get through the day. Or worse, when we get too overwhelmed and exhausted that we can't get stuff done and life feels like a huge struggle.

I share my story with overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout as I worked hard to reach my goals, crashed and healed myself through digging deep into my journey and getting fascinated by this modern day (or not) state that so many of us feel stuck in.

The episode ends with me sharing a techniques I use several times a day and teach to others to get out of overwhelm immediately. Try it and see if it works for you.

Exploring tuning in and listening to your body to get out of your head and move from overwhelm to ease. Find an easier way to achieve your goals. Feel at home in your life.

I hope you are finding this podcast helpful. If you’d like a deeper dive into how my tuning in method can help you move from overwhelm to ease then please click on the link below for details of my online course (with a special £30 off for listeners of this podcast)

From Overwhelm to Ease