Episode 8: Drop the judgement

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May 20 2020 24 mins  

How much are you judging yourself?

Your mind can be pretty judgy which can really add to your overwhelm. Catching the mind in its miserable judgy act - becoming aware of how often you are judging yourself is very powerful and freeing.

In this episode, I teach the first part of my body mindfulness method - Neutral Noticing - to allow you to start to gain an awareness of how much you judge yourself. It is enough to just notice - like the power of being really listened to.

Oh and bellies and cream teas.

Exploring tuning in and listening to your body to get out of your head and move from overwhelm to ease. Find an easier way to achieve your goals. Feel at home in your life.

I hope you are finding this podcast helpful. If you’d like a deeper dive into how my tuning in method can help you move from overwhelm to ease then please click on the link below for details of my online course (with a special £30 off for listeners of this podcast)

From Overwhelm to Ease