Episode 14: Reducing Overwhelm for Parents during the GCSE years with Emily Hughes

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Jun 30 2020 51 mins  

So excited to interview the awesome Emily Hughes of parentguidetogcse.com!

Emily's book is released today (1st July 2020) and if you're a parent of a child about to go into Year 9, 10 or 11 in the UK then this podcast is for you.

Or if you're a teacher or a parent of a Year 12 or 13 or if you want to hear about how Emily turned her life into one where she now thrives then tune in and listen now.

As a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, Emily talks about her own adventures with overwhelm and how she rebuilt her life after some difficult times, regaining her health and pouring her passion for teaching into creating a membership that supports parents through the overwhelm of the GCSE years.

There is so much living to be had on the other side of overwhelm!

The GCSE Survival Guide For Parents is available from Amazon here: www.amazon.co.uk/Survival-Guide-Parents-Emily-Hughes/dp/B08BF14J92/


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