Episode 16: Rebel - take back control of your attention

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Jul 14 2020 29 mins  

Rebel - take back control of your attention

Your attention is precious and yet you allow it to be hijacked constantly. Learning how to take back control of it takes practice. Honing your skills like a Jedi. 

So, what to do? You need the skills that come from years of mindfulness mediation - the ability to watch your thoughts and feelings without judgement, gradually loosening the mind’s ability to hijack your attention with its nagging loop of doom, its incredible ability to time travel to travel through time and space before you’ve even realised you just lost more precious time...or all the time you dedicated to practising this mindfulness stuff…

If you don't have have time right now to spend 7 years in a cave or an hour each morning sitting on a cushion. Getting up at 5 am to meditate or practise yoga works well for some but for you, it just adds to your to-do list, your feelings of inadequacy and actually what you need more than anything is sleep and cutting that short is not what you need right now.....then try this instead.

Body mindfulness for you, today. Be kind to yourself. How you are in the world matters.

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