Episode 21: What’s your Kryptonite?

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Aug 04 2020 24 mins  

What’s your Kryptonite?

What’s the one big thing that’s keeping you stuck in overwhelm at the moment? The thing that feels that if it changed everything would be so much better.

Whatever is draining you, keeping you stuck in an endless repetitive loop in your head (especially at 4 am) is your kryptonite.

Identifying your kryptonite gives you power. Noticing how it feels in your body - the held patterns of tension, the bracing tension in your upper body waiting of the storm to pass and feeling of relief and ease you imagine you will feel when the kryptonite is dealt with - all these signals from your body are useful to notice.

So I invite you to drop into your body and notice. Notice how you feel. Because the overwhelm and the ease co-exist. You have the opportunity to notice the ease before the kryptonite is removed. 

There will always be some kryptonite to drain you of energy and ease. Notice how yours is effecting you and see if you can allow more ease into your life.

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