EP 21: A traumatic life experience pushed this French sculptor to discover her creative gifts (VeroDalla)

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Jul 08 2020 22 mins  

Sculptor and painter Véronique Anne Chabrolle, a.k.a VeroDalla, was born in Burgundy, France. Her life centered around success in the world of gastronomy until an encounter with a poppy flower changed her existence forever. The poppy called VeroDalla to pursue art. Her experience returning from the brink of death, during childhood, heavily influenced her artistic practice and mission. Her unique work examines what society’s social restrictions repress in humans’ emotional ability and expression. Her work probes the viewer to question their life when they meet themselves in VeroDalla’s figures. Her sculptures awaken the individual and reconnect them with their inner self. VeroDalla plans to continue uncovering the infinite possibilities of human potential by bridging together past and future to create and transmit in multiple dimensions. She is currently working on a large-scale version of the LivenluLu series that made her so popular. Her work lives in public and private collections, featuring clients from more than 30 countries, bringing people together one piece at a time. Verodalla currently lives in Manhattan. www.verodalla.com

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