EP 25: "Paris Letters" New York Times Best Selling Author Janice MacLeod talks writing and painting

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Jul 22 2020 30 mins  

Janice MacLeod is best known as a Paris artist and writer. She is the artist behind the Paris Letters subscription service and author of a memoir, also called Paris Letters. Before her life in Paris, she was a copywriter and creative director for top advertising agencies in Toronto and Los Angeles. When she saw burn out on the horizon, she devised an escape plan from corporate life. She saved up, pared down, and packed her bags for Europe. In Paris, she unpacked her bags in the Latin quarter after a charming butcher convinced her to stay. Her book chronicles her journey to Paris and the career she carved out for herself by creating a letter writing subscription service. Each month, she creates a watercolor scene of Paris, writes a letter on it and mails out copies to those who love fun mail. Her work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic Traveler, Flare, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post. Her subsequent book is an illustrated travel journal called A Paris Year, which takes the reader through a year of life in Paris. 


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