EP 31: Champagne Expert, Cynthia Coutu, chats about creativity in wine making and her specialty in educating women on wine

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Aug 12 2020 30 mins  

Cynthia is the owner of the company Delectabulles, which specializes in supporting women in the male-dominated wine industry by:

  • only using champagnes made by women
  • telling the stories about the women behind the bottles
  • giving more women the tools and confidence they need to buy sparkling wines from around the world

Canadian born, Cynthia has called Paris home for more than 25 years. She is the founder of a company which specializes in sparkling wines made by women and marketed for women. She was recently voted the "Best Wine Experience in Paris" by Travel and Hospitality Awards. Find out more about her virtual classes here https://www.delectabulles.com/en/about

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