EP 27: Painting in Paris with Dreama Tolle Perry

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Jul 29 2020 41 mins  

Dreama is a self-taught artist and writer who started an online art business (a little to her own surprise!) a decade ago. With a collective following of over 60,000 painters, thousands of students have taken her online courses and participate in her groups. She is the creator of 4 online courses and is working to grow and expand a community of supportive and talented artists with her online creative membership, Flow. Dreama spends most of her time dreaming up new delights for artists, snuggling with her cat Eddie and husband Ron, and nibbling on all the chocolate in France.

About Her Courses: Dreama Tolle Perry was the first to create online experiences that recreate the magic of a European art retreat from the comfort & safety of your home.

After teaching sold out art workshops in France, she knew there needed to be a way for more people to experience painting abroad without the expense & logistics of travel. So, she packed up a crew of talented people and headed to France & Italy to create the first online painting adventure course. Filled with painting videos, travel videos that take you into villages & show you slices of everyday life, bonus photos for painting, recipes, book/movie recommendations, quiet time videos and so much more, these online courses create an experience unlike any other. 

Site: https://DreamaTollePerry.com

Summer Offering: https://www.flowmembership.com/summerescape

FB: https://facebook.com/DreamaTollePerry

IG: https://instagram.com/DreamaTollePerry

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