EP 51: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Camille Claudel)

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Oct 19 2020 28 mins  

The story of Camille Claudel is one of heartbreak and sadness. A genius of an artist she never got her due and ended her life alone. 

At just 12 years old she began to play with clay and her talent got the attention of artist Alfred Boucher. Her father supported her pursuit and agreed to move to Paris so she would be able to study under Boucher. Her mother on the other hand did not and never would support her. 

Her talent would get the attention of Rodin and the two would be linked in every biography written about either one. As his muse, lover and assistant Camille would help create many of his most famous pieces while Rodin took credit for her work. 

Camille Claudel's story is a hard one without a happy ending. Today she has been rediscovered and given all the love and accolades she deserves, sadly all too late for her to ever know. 

Listen to the full episode about the life of this amazing woman. 

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