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Oct 10 2019

The kind presence that is my Guide
Waits upon THE moment when I may pierce
The depths of simple truth, so carefully offered,
And clamber upon a strand of dawning light
To quench this thirst at last.

From baby to child, from boy to GENTLE man,
I have been helped along my way.
With every book I have read
With every word I have heard
With every exchange that has
Touched the SONG of my Soul,
The presence of love has witnessed me
Gaining firmer ground.

Yes, I am helped to unwrap the tale of life
As a flower into sunlight
As a prayer into a pure heart:
This knowledge glows within like a sleeping coal
To be ushered into flame
Along pathways of the ordinary
And threads OF the profound.
My Guide is ambitious for me
He knows that I will succeed
Through the moments that cradle my earthly life.

I draw upon this presence
In the sure joy of belonging,
Sharing life with the very breath of his Soul
Being prepared for wiser innocence
Where in hope I may accept
The final radiance of LOVE.