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Nov 18 2019

There is nothing to fear
THE darkest night has passed
And as the FLAME of day approaches
I admit this truth to You - that
Without love I am frail;
When I am loved I feel strong,
But when I love, I am indomitable.

There - the lesson IS won:
To love, that is the thing
Even if despair brings that love to its knees
That very same LOVE is my possibility.

Now it is my time to heal
And I am ready ~
Though it has turned me inward
I shall be true to this world

This morning I shall be fearless
I shall step forward; I shall BREATHE
And drift above their cold minds.
I shall embrace and marvel
I shall wander up high among the voices.
I shall heal my soul with a smile
Though the world still push at my back

I shall kiss the lip of courage
I shall fortify my every thought IN You
I shall resolve myself to Gratitude
And step within ITS beam of Light

Darkness never need touch me again
For I have seen and I have heard
The steady truth, shine and call
To me, the smallest fragment of this LIGHT
That You are incomplete without me
Just as I am without You

Yes, I am ready