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Dec 04 2019
Long ago the Earth was flat in the minds of men. Now we walk upon its curve and wonder at their primitive belief. Of course, we live on a globe. Yet, maybe we should ask, how long a time until the next dimension dawns, where we may then understand that the Earth as being porous: a world within worlds, soaked in bands of intelligent light? Imagine… another dimension, here within us all the while! A sphere suffused by spheres suspended among the pure, from where kindred spirits work and guide us along our way. Perhaps the reality will come to us in a rush, or grace only one soul at a time, here and there, among the noise. When the time comes, it will be so obvious, so simple and another set of fears will be released. Who among us will be the next to open to this dimension that is our home? What meek and mannered child will wonder at the new scape of knowledge? Who's heart will next grasp that love outshines the mind?