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Jul 23 2020
Time, old friend— again, you help me find myself in forgetting, to trace each fault and treasure in my own reflection, that which I seek as patterns of mind in the grand experiment of my Soul. Time, steadfast friend— again, you take my hand in the short moments pledged to walk me as a child along the layers of myself to diffract my soul’s light upon the cold stones and dappled meadows of Earth. Time, sacred friend— again do I swim across your sea of change in cycles of light and love. Though I falter among sights and sounds, scents and mesmerous breath of substance, in your arms of circumstance with tears and laughter I place the causes of my own creation. Time, precious friend— again, I ask, be kind to me. Teach me to discern and dissolve each edge of my heart in patience, unafraid to love where love appears absent, finding rest in what apertures you allow, until it is time to step back into the Infinite, I thank you.