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Aug 10 2020
Some people talk about the dimensions of space and time as if they were the only aspects of the universe, but there are many more dimensions to us, such as memory, emotion, thought, and love. And they are not only spatial, but causal, being interconnected and bound to our whole experience of being alive. We are, therefore we may think, therefore we may feel. We have an instinctual sense, a common sense, and an intuitive sense; we have a sense of beauty, justice, and geometry. It seems entirely possible that many more levels of us exist, each reaching further and further within, concealed inside the small frame that we call ourself. Are these not the essential strata of the human spirit? What else then exists beyond these earthly layers? Are there places and people? If we rise above body, language, and the memories of this short life, who do we become? What happens when we lift ourselves into the voice of conscience? Where shall we find ourselves if we lift into the layers of love to which we are connected? Is it then so unreasonable to think of lifting ourselves into Light, into God?