Supercut: One Year of Ask Roulette

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Dec 20 2012 4 mins  

Ask Roulette is turning one year old! Over the last year, we did seven shows at Housing Works Books, with 22 special guests, and (we think) 63 audience members live on stage, asking questions. And all twelve episodes of the Ask Roulette podcast add up to 2:32:20...

This supercut features, alongside audience members: Negin Farsad, Brooke Gladstone, Baratunde Thurston, Dan Rollman, Dave Hill, David Carr, Eli Bolin, Robert Krulwich, Kurt Braunohler, AJ Jacobs, Chris Gethard, Starlee Kine

Thanks to all of you who attended a show, subscribed to the podcast, or just said hello.

If you're in New York City on Wednesday, January 9th, come to our one-year birthday show at Housing Works.

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