Author Interview: Rob Jung [mystery/history]

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Jun 12 2019 30 mins  

Join host Tiffany Harelik as she interviews mystery/history author Rob Jung. "My stories are about people whose lives are altered because of some fissure in the fabric of history; seemingly random occurrences that send ripples through time. A work of art that disappeared seventy years ago, the reappearance of a white-skinned tribe from the time of the Incas, a treasure hidden by the first witch of Ireland, a hundred-year-old broken covenant: each of them brought tribulation and transformation to contemporary lives."

Born in the wine country of California, raised on a farm in Wisconsin, earned a law degree at Harvard. Rob has been a lawyer, a sawyer, inventor, and singer; an entrepreneur, provocateur, historian and thespian; gourmet cook, wine snob, race car driver and fishing guide; an explorer, a dreamer, storyteller and writer. He likes reading and baseball and conversation and Manhattans. Married to Kathy. Father of three. Grandfather. I’ve finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up, be a writer of History and Mystery and Thrillers.