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Sep 23 2020 84 mins  

Great week with a lot of Banter..

The poor man Proverb (1:40). Naza took a covid test (6:45). Naza left FOREX???? (12:45). Tory apologizes with “Story I was drunk” (15:05). STORY TIME (18:27). Melody Melody Melody (24:24)Offset is now Upset “the Divorce” (30:55). Dr Dre’s Wife needs him to pay for her Email (32:58). NBA Report Card (37:36). Brampton Cheat Code(48:19). Carole Baskin on Dancing with the Stars (1:02:16). Odell Beckham is the SHIT (1:05:43). Private SSOUND (1:12:00). Davido Beefing Burna Boy? (1:12:46). Dating For Vibes in Nigeria(1:19:09)

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