2019 NFL Fantasy Gameshow #1: Tragic Career Predictions and Controversial Cage Matches

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Oct 11 2019 121 mins  

The world’s possible first and only Fantasy Sports Gameshow is back spitting the truth but no longer in a booth, but in a sex dungeon/vietcong imprisonment camp. Our previously recorded preseason episode is now primed and ready to blow your minds. This episode include everything your fantasy can conjure about Fantasy Football including some tragic yet inspiring career predictions on some players who may or may not be active or retired. Tim fighting through a questionable tag with a raging hemorrhoid hosts our first episode of the 2019 NFL Fantasy Football episode with his new hispanic jester greigo as the “researcher” as we talk about the unsigned rapper mentalities of the new age running back contract situations, why kyle and 6ix9ine have a lot in common, tale of the tapes, and why some players may die this year mid season. Not to mention with griego on the FMYF team now, we have an illiterate(Kyle) and a person who can’t spell(greigo). We open the show on why butt plugs and stap ons have no feeling and shouldn’t be offended by us making fun of them and formally segway to our first take about how Leveon Bell milked the game, and why running backs of the new age are following suit and getting more nose rings than ever. We then head into Game #1 Know your Sh**or get Your Sh**Took formally known as Jeoparody where based on the topics, we realize tim does not a have single clue about the NFL. Game #2 Fantasy Fight Night The age old question of will the only relevant white running back in the league beat up his contemporaries in a brawl? find out in this game. Game #3 an internal crowd favorite Pill Poppin Predictions maybe the best the PPP yet, as we get a gandalf type of foresight the small bladdered steve on Antonion Brown and his potential outlook in the NFL before allegations and 2 creative stories involving the crooked justice system and the crooked Patriots franchise as we predict the next off field catastrophe of the 2019 NFL Season If your still a fan or for some odd reason want to be one. You know the deal Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review, Follow, Care…. or don’t.