NBA Gameshow #2: Celebrating the Malice at the Palace

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Apr 05 2019 94 mins  

The world’s possible first and only Fantasy Sports Gameshow is back spitting the truth in the booth for our 2nd Fantasy Basketball Episode recorded early in the season and you have the pleasure of listening to it now as our “expert” opinions come to fruition and the jokes/banter gets darker as a death live on air occurs. Steve tries to hold his tiny bladder and keep a clean pair of pants as host again as we talk about the good side of crack, fulfilling our fantasies of who would be in the new age Malice at the Palace, some good wings, and oh yeah… some fantasy sports. Our panelists/degenerates for this episode are Mike, Kyle, and Anthony, and Anthony is still playing for the catholic nation being the dumbest moron on the planet. Kyle opens the show with a morbid tale of a death in his family and is playing for his cult awareness and Mike switches up his charity because of the gluten free spam to good teeth in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Tim(Pinky) the crack researcher on crack lets us know how mellow hard drug use can be. Our first take directs and diagnoses why Jimmy Butler is the biggest jerk off in the NBA. We then head into Game #1 Know Your Sh** or get Your Sh** Took in other words, a Jeopaorody with some questionable and line toeing topics. Game #2 The Hand Your Dealt as each panelists gets to argue who is the best PG Wing Combo in the game which leads to a lot of talk about Managing Loads and who are taking aforementioned loads. Game #3 a staple in FMYF Game Shows called Pill Poppin’ Predictions where we celebrate the Malice at The Palace with our take of what would happen in our racially charged fantasy reenactment of the greatest thing to happen in sports. If your still a fan or for some odd reason want to be one. You know the deal Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review, Follow, Care…. or don’t.

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