Pre-Game Warmup #1: Uncovering Nationals Secrets and Getting Fleeced?

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Sep 07 2018 84 mins  

Our pilot practice show episode features Kyle fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a gameshow host, three sarcastic and underperforming panelists in Mike, Anthony and Steve, and the researching warner brothers animated duo of Tim and Daniel. With Fantasy Baseball as our foundation, we delve deep into the struggling Washington Nationals clubhouse and unearth a snowstorm of dark secrets, debate a confusing back-and-forth trade that happened in our own league where no one can remember who ended up with who in The Art of the Deal, fail miserably at some trivia in My Name is My Name, argue which players can continue their hot streak or are going to hit a brick wall in Go Off or Fall Off, and wrap it up with Buzzer Beater: one truly hilarious and grimy discussion about which MLB players it would bother us the most to find out enjoyed a one night stand with one of our ladies. With some questionable content and some friendly competition between a group of underachieving guys that care way too much about Fantasy Sports, it would be impossible for you to not find something in this premiere gem that will make you laugh your fanny off.