Pre-Game Warmup #3: Fantasy Vendettas and Where in the World is Cincinnati?

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Sep 07 2018 98 mins  

Our third and final practice show gives us our last Fantasy Baseball podcast before we transition into Fantasy Football. This time we showcase Steve as host, Anthony and Mike are once again panelists joined by Daniel, making his panelist debut. Kyle is off making bad choices in the woods showing questionable commitment, so Tim steps up as the lone researcher. We get underway by searching for a garbage time equivalent in Fantasy Baseball, deliberate which players we can and can’t live without in Stuck, Carry, Kill, argue which MLB player it would be the most fun to hit the drug-littered slopes with in 3 Flies Up, and put a bow on things by complaining until we run out of breath in our namesake feature #FBYF. They say third time is a charm, but we’ll let you be the judges. Give us a listen, thank us for the free ab workout you’ll get from laughing uncontrollably, and leave us some comments and let us know what you do and don’t like so far.