NFL Gameshow #4 Super Bowl Sunday Special: Are NFL Players the worst people amongst pro athletes?

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Feb 03 2019 115 mins  

The world’s possible first and only Fantasy Sports Gameshow is back with another slapper that will surely top the charts and compete with the best of the best in our Super Bowl Sunday Special. Drinks were poured and Steve’s Bladder is his achilles heel that is clearly becoming a medical issue as he tries to keep underwear clean in every fashion this episode. Kyle Hosts again to promote his creepy hillbilly cult to spread illiteracy to all troubled youth in his intros and now trivia intermissions. Our panelists/degenerates for this episode are Mike, Steve, and Anthony as the battle of the charities between the gluten-free, catholic and scum lawyers continue in the most intense way. Anthony has not realized that the charity he is playing for is not named after the pope he admires and Mike is hoarding all the bread he can while Steve is donating his piss stained clothes to the some greedy lawyers. Meanwhile, Tim is shamelessly his own charity for himself to combat his struggle with his living cost as we get into our First Take as we beg the question are NFL Players the craziest and worst people amongst major sport pro athletes and how it should your decisions on them in your Fantasy Drafts. We then head into Game #1 My Name is My Name as you can already guess kyle’s dyslexia makes for another fun segment as we guess unwanted college trivia of fantasy relevant players drafted in 2015. Game #2 What’s Good FAM as we discuss season ousted injured players and their outlook for next year. Game #3 a Favorite in FMYF Game Shows called FBYF. This one we will let you figure out. You know the deal Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review, Follow, Care…. or don’t. Tom Brady I hope you lose.

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