NBA Gameshow #1 Chafing or Shaving? The Danger of Pelicans and Suggestive Pic Predictions

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Dec 30 2018 101 mins  

The world’s possible first and only Fantasy Sports Gameshow is done touring the world with our abundance of fans for our 1st Fantasy Basketball Episode in a vault that was recorded week 2 of the season and you have the pleasure of listening to our predictions and incredible expert insight of the the future become an aimless fart of the mouth or actually come true. As Daniel(Pinky) recovers from the back breaker kyle gave him in the last episode, we add a new researcher this episode the infamous and stoned Griego. Steve Hosts like the Wacky Races announcer again as we have some early season predictions on the pelicans, rookies and who will be the next victim of showing their “goods” to the digital general public. Our panelists/degenerates for this episode are Mike, Kyle, and Anthony as we still discovering how kyle’s dyslexia and hill billy combination is really affecting his everyday life. Anthony is trying to understand the difference between the bermuda and emerald triangle. And mike is mourning the loss of his brother and loss on the last show as the three panelists battle it out to win money for their respected charities. Meanwhile, Tim(Pinky) is playing with his new friend griego being jewish as we get into our First Take about the New Orleans Pelicans and they’re hot start to being the season. Kyle argues the actual bird, while of course Anthony actually talks basketball, and mike talks about conspiracy theory of european players playing better with a shaved face which led to the most disgusting gilbert arenas story ever heard We then head into Game #1 Know Your Sh** or get Your Sh** Took a Jeopaorody with some legendary topics. Game #2 Bet or Fold as we argue over rookies Luka Doncic and Trae Young which leads to some college bashing. Game #3 a staple in FMYF Game Shows called Pill Poppin’ Predictions a draymond green and greg open favorite where we talk about the next player to get caught sending a nude photo and how it will happen. This Episode was interesting to say the least. You know the deal Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review, Follow, Care…. or don’t.