NFL Gameshow #3: Horrible Predictions, Kyle’s Dyslexia, and NFL PED Snitches

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Nov 19 2018 111 mins  

Sorry all of our 6 fans for the hiatus, but the world’s possible first and only Fantasy Sport Gameshow is back and we did have our 3rd Fantasy Football Episode in a vault that was recorded week 4 of the season and you have the pleasure of listening to our predictions and incredible expert insight of the the future become an aimless fart of the mouth or actually come true. After our back and forth about White Rappers saying things they shouldn’t say R.I.P. 3PAC. Kyle is the host and finally realizing within 30 years of life that he may be dyslexic and or Illiterate. Either way, it makes for some great laughs as he tries to cover up his reading miscues with hillbilly tactics. Our panelists/degenerates for this episode are Mike, Steven, and Anthony as we find out Steve apparently is into nerdy school activities along with a particular sexual fetish old women can not perform. As the three panelists battle it out to win money for their respected charities, Pinky(Daniel) and the Brain(Tim) are the researchers and they still not have taken over the world nor found facts about players that are not suspect or disgusting. We open up with our week 4 predictions and season outlook of the Steelers and why Big Ben’s checkered past may explain why he doesn’t play well on the road and why every woman should keep their head on a swivel when using the restroom at Heinz Field. Were we right about Leveon? We then head into Game #1 My Name is My Name: The panelists get up to 5 clues to guess the name of a player from the host and keep their name in these streets. Game #2 3 Flies up: The panelists are given 3 topics and for each topic they are given a player they must argue for to win coveted Fantasy Tokens. Topics today are Best WR’s 30 or older, Best Handcuff, and The Next PED snitch. Kyle has an easter egg in the PED Snitch Segment that has never been heard before on the show and something else unprecedented happens between the host and one of the researchers Pinky. We end the show on a staple of the show Game #3 Pill Poppin’ Predictions: In this segment Kyle showcases his reading and slurring skills with the world as he tries to get a prediction out of the panelists for a receiver ranked outside of the top 20 who will finish the year top 12. You know the deal Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review, Follow, Care…. or don’t.

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