NFL Fantasy GameShow #5: Is Fantasy Football too lucky? Kyle’s Wacky Funhouse

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Feb 25 2019 109 mins  

The world’s possible first and only Fantasy Sports Gameshow has been taken over by Kyle’s illiteracy and shady hillbilly antics with his wacky funhouse gameshow of fantasy football to hypnotize the youth into joining his cult. Speaking of cults people think are disturbing, the FMYFantasy gang gives the insight on the R. Kelly situation which consist of the three panelists for the celebratory 9th Episode Mike, Steve, and Kyle with crack researcher Tim still trying to figure out to cook it and smoke it during the recording. Charities: Anthony is playing for the catholic nation, Mike is playing for the no bread nation and Steve is playing for the underhanded lawyer nation once again. In this epic epi, Kyle’s mind is in complete boggle mode in this one where he mistakes an NFL wife abuser for a porn star and compounding words that don’t compound making his own cult language that his followers must repeat. Speaking of Porn, Anthony has a new way of promoting your podcasts. In our First Take we wonder is Fantasy Football the most random sport and some how Nascar gets brought up. We then head into Game #1 My Name is My Name as Kyle Spices it up demanding some Franchise knowledge from the degenerate panelists and deducts Mike for not taking a stance in a guessing game. Game #2 Jeoparody as Tim clearly doesn’t understand what age indicates the term old and steve cheats again. Game #3 You aint S**t in the Bay with end of year stat knowledge and hall of fame knowledge are surprisingly not on full display. In honor of R. Kelly Kyle then shows off his cult followers favorite in an FMYF Premiere Game #4 Real Talk You’ll have to listen to find out the secret demented sauce of this game. Support this art we are presenting you and Subscribe, Download, Rate, Review, Follow, Care…. or don’t. Please?

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