Episode 19 | Nikki Lee - Holistic Breastfeeding for a Healthy Immune System

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Dec 18 2015 35 mins  

Nikki Lee started her professional life as a nurse in the Intensive Care Units of Bellevue Hospital. After the birth of her first daughter, her interest in breastfeeding bloomed. She worked with breastfeeding mothers when she was a public health nurse, and was librarian for her local La Leche League chapter. Her passion for mothers and babies was unleashed in full at Booth Maternity Hospital, in Philadelphia. Since 1986, Nikki has made mothers and babies the entire focus of her career. The birth of her second daughter in 1990 only strengthened her dedication. She is author of the blog, Morning Thoughts, and regularly updates her Facebook page, NikkiLeeHealth. We discuss the relationship that happens between mom and her baby during breastfeeding, how breastfeeding helps boost the immune system, the importance of community and connecting with intuition.