Epi 60 | Don MacDonald, DC - The Underdog Curse

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Sep 21 2016 31 mins  

Dr Don MacDonald has spent 17 years in the health and wellness industry as a chiropractor in Edmonton Alberta. It was from his position at the adjusting table that he noticed a common frustration developing into a major stressor in the lives of many patients.

He identified it as ‘the underdog’ and they couldn’t seem to break out of it.

It was a pattern he had seen in his own life - from the basketball days of his youth to life as a businessman and health practitioner. It stopped people from living their best lives, and often stripped them of true happiness. He made it his mission to find out how to break the underdog curse and move into authentic, lasting success.

Dr Don is now a life coach and motivational speaker who dedicates his time to empowering people with the new, inspiring information regarding success, health, and his first love, neurology.