Season 3 Episode 8: Intimate Partner Violence in Teens with Mary Jo Podgurski of The Academy for Adolescent Health

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Nov 06 2019 41 mins  

First love is often thought of as special, sweet and innocent. But sometimes that relationship can turn toxic. As health professionals, we can make a difference in a young person’s life. In this episode we will discuss how pregnant and parenting teens are affected by abuse from a dating partner. We will also learn how to build a trusting relationship with teens, even if you only have a short amount of time. Our guest is Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski who is a sexuality educator and counselor along with being the past president of Lamaze International and a certified childbirth educator. Her master’s and doctorate are in education. She has worked with 250,000 teens, including serving over 15,000 teen parents.

Listen and Learn:

  • Rate of teens involved in intimate partner violence
  • Signs of intimate partner abuse
  • How to connect so that young people feel open to share this information Why someone would stay in a bad relationship
  • How to help young people respect and love themselves enough to create good boundaries

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