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May 30 2009 29 mins  
Well, we finally got Episode 1 uploaded! We had some minor problems with sound quality, hopefully we will get those cleared up for the next episode.

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Episode 1 Show Notes (Download at: Show Notes)

Single User Mode:

GOLDEN RULE: Use OPTION key to boot first and confirm no Firmware Password

-If Firmware Password in use, power off.
(Firmware Password Options will be covered in a later podcast)

-Single User Mode can be used to find Date/Time of the system without making

-After OPTION key boot and confirmation of no firmware password

-REBOOT holding OPTION + ʻSʼ Key to boot into Single User Mode

-Will be similar to a Verbose boot

-After boot stops, type “Date” at cursor and date and time will be displayed.

-To find the make & model of the installed hard drive, look for the line that starts with "Got Boot Device"

-Can also run System Profiler to access information about the system


Forward Discovery:
-Non-Tool Specific Mac Forensics Survival Course
-Teaches how to do Mac Forensics using Mac
-Basic and Advanced Courses being offered Internationally

BlackBag Technologies:
-Offers both training for non-tool and Blackbag Tool Training
-Suite of Proprietary tools for using a Mac to do Mac Forensics
-Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses

-Also offers tool specific training
-MacForensicsLab:Proprietary software

Purdue University: (Law Enforcement Only):
-3 day class
-Traveling Class and at the University
-Beginning and Advanced Course

-Several certifications:
-Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)
-Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC)
-Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA)
-Range of Apple Software Pro Certifications as well

Plist of the Week(PLOW):

This weekʼs PLOW is:

1.It is located in both Global and User: Library --> Preferences

2.Contains information about all IPod/IPhone devices connected to system.

3.Includes (not comprehensive):
a.UUID: Unique ID for the Device
b.Connected: Last Connected Date/Time
c. Device Class: IPod/IPhone
d.Firmware Version
e.Serial Number
f. IMEI (IPhone)
g.Use Count