E16 - How One Developer is Championing Pittsburgh's Urbanist Revival - Daniel Berkowitz, Altas Development

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May 01 2019 29 mins  

This episode we speak with Daniel Berkowitz, CEO of Atlas Development Co., a full-service real estate development and property management company focused exclusively on the revitalization of Beechview, one of Pittsburgh’s 90 historic neighborhoods. Daniel has over 17 years experience in raising funds and developing projects, and his mission is to transform aging rust belt properties into modern, attractive spaces for Pittsburgh’s evolving population.

In this episode, Daniel makes the case for Pittsburgh as a growing city with a young, vibrant, and entrepreneurial edge. He challenges the narrative of a dying Midwest and upends the traditional idea of city growth simply as net population gain. Finally, hear Daniel's strategies for leveraging Pittsburgh's unique characteristics and how they are helping drive its revival.

Contact Daniel at [email protected].