E2 - Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA - How One CPA Firm is Changing Real Estate Taxes

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Aug 01 2018 33 mins  

In the second episode of Real Estate Investing Unscripted, we talk to Brandon Hall, Founder and CEO of The Real Estate CPA, which services real estate investors across the country. After a brief stint in the corporate world, Brandon founded his 100% virtual CPA firm with the goal of "punching the traditional accounting model in the face" and connecting with clients on a personal level through deep industry knowledge. Hear exclusive tax advice for your real estate business, such as when the best time is to set up your firm as an S corporation, and one instance of how talking to an accountant could help save a $15,000 professional services bill.

The Real Estate CPA best serves medium- to large-scale flippers, accredited investors, syndications, and private equity funds, but can provide bespoke advice and recommendations to all real estate investors.

Connect with Brandon on LinkedIn or visit www.therealestatecpa.com.