E4 - J Scott, House Flipping Master and Real Estate Guru

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Oct 01 2018 31 mins  

This month Matt talks to legendary house flipping master and industry expert J Scott, who (literally) wrote The Book on Flipping Houses. Hear how J got his start in real estate and his advice for adapting to the unscripted elements of running a business. J shares his philosophy on how to run a real estate investment business to maintain the lifestyle you want (hint: stop doing all the work on your flips yourself). He also offers valuable insight into how to analyze the market to maximize your profitability, and why to trust your gut when something in your deal seems "off." Also learn how J approaches mistakes made in his business and how a small mindset shift can radically change your outlook and potential for success.

"Instead of thinking about what you want, think about what the market is offering you. If you want to be successful in this business, you need to be flexible - and you need to follow the market."