Ep. 17: 80 min A Thanksgiving All Levels Yoga Class At Bala Yoga

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Nov 26 2006 87 mins  

Update! I had to rerecord my intro cause of some technical dificulties, so if you happen to have gotten the old file, obviously there are no markers (if you don't know what I'm talking about, no worries, not important)

My intro music: Vic Hennegan

the picture in the file, the dish that I made for Thanksgiving. I just thought it looked sooooo pretty :)

This is the first episode that i edited in Garage Band and I was able to put in markers/chapters, so for those of you who have an ipod (honestly, i don't know if it works on other mp3 players) or you play the file on your computer you will be able to see the poses marked on the file! I'm hoping to insert photos along with the markers also, very very soon! Let me know how this new format works for you guys :) Now you can skip the intro all together and just go straight to the class!

The Sequence

warm ups

Crescent Pose vinyasa X 3


Parsvakonasana with arms interlaced behind the back (I've heard this called humble warrior, as your head is bowed forward toward your ankle)


Downward Facing Dog twist

Upward Facing Dog on Ridgetops

Parsvakonasana Bound preparation, working shoulders behind the knee

Hanstand Preparation and demo with Melissa


Uttanasana into Ardha Chandrasana into Trikonasana with top arm behind the back

Parsvakonasana Bound

Malasana and some yummy variations

Baby Bakasana (on forearms) prep and Bakasana

Bakasana with a block

Pigeon Prep

Pigeon Prep with thigh stretch

Vashistasana variations (hanes commercial)

Setu Bandha or urdhva dhanurasana x3

Easy Supine Twist


Marychiasana III

Baddha Konasana