Ep. 25: 75 min Level 1 Class at the Center for Yoga- Rajanaka

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Jan 28 2007 94 mins  

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This is all about my teacher Douglas Brooks, although I don't really speak about him in the class. I only try as best as I can to explain what this incredible philosophy is about. As I say during the class, and as Douglas has said many, many times before, "this is a practice that is learned from ear to ear, not from mouth to ear," so my explanation of it, is what I've 'heard.' I do my best to honor him through my words. As always I only hope to become clearer and more precise in the teachings. If you want to hear him, in his own voice, explain the philosophy check out this link where you can buy his Philosphy CD's:


and of course Douglas's actual site, so you can go to one of his philosophy workshops, he is not to be missed!


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The Sequence:

Sukhasana with Parvatasana arms (arms interlaced above the head)

Sukhasana with side stretch

Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Child's Pose (Balasana)

Downward Facing Dog

Straight Legged Lunge into straightening the front leg


Half Sun Salutation

Sun Salutations x 2

Crescent Pose

Demo of Pincha Mayurasana (me jabbering for a while, then you guys get to go at it for quite a while, try to do the full pose 3x)

Pincha Mayurasana

Tree pose with Eagle arms (Vrksanana with Garundasana arms)

Tadasana into a lateral side stretches (sometimes referred to as Crescent Moon)

Vashistasana Prep (with front leg forward)

Lunge Twist

Child's pose

Twisting Side Angle Pose Prep (Pavrita Parvakonasana Prep)

Deep Lunge with elbows on the ground

Uttanasana with arms interlaced behind the back




Seated Baby Craddle (check out Stage 1 and the Stage 2, choose accordingly) Oh yeah, how bizarre do I look in the stage 1 pic, geez :)

Seated Baby Craddle Stage 1 Seated Baby Craddle

Easy seated twist (Sukhasana Twist)

Krounchasana Variation into a Krounchasana variation Twist

Krounchasana variation Krounchasana variation with a twist

On the back! yeay!!!

Pranayama, Natural Breath