Ep. 27: 70 min Level 2 Yoga Class at Bala Yoga- The Heart

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Feb 11 2007 84 mins  


John Friend founder of Anusara Yoga

John's Rockin' with Shakti Tour

Heart Study

Fantastic Organization which focuses on The Heart!!!

The Dana on Mission Bay Yes...I totally spoiled myself. I figured, why not celebrate my 35th birthday a little more! Mind you, for whatever reason I got a great deal on the rooms and if any of you are ever around San Diego, maybe taking a little trip to Sea World, hey come on over here. They have been incredible. Really.

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here's a link to my Evite for the Coconuts Legwarmers Charity Birthday Bash

The Sequence:

Downward Facing Dog

High Lunge

Downward Facing Dog Twist

Uttanasana/Tadasana/Parvatasana Arms (arms interlaced above the head)

Surya Namaskar x 3


Vira I

Deep Lunge with Chattarunga Arms or Deep Lunge working head behind the knee

deep Lunge with Chattarunga Arms front view Deep Lunge with Chattarunga Arms Back View

Head Behind the Knee front view Deep Lunge with Head behind the knee back view


Uttanasana with arms interlaced behind the back


Tadasana into Standing Arch Back

Downward Facing Dog Shoulder Alignment work

Monkey Lunge

Pigeon Prep



Lunge with thigh stretch (eka pada rajakapotasana II thigh stretch)

Bridge Pose and/or Urdhva Dhanurasana x 4

Upavistha Konasana into Parsva Upavishta Konasana


Supine Easy Twist