Ep. 67: 75 Min Level 2 Yoga Class- Why Listen?

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May 05 2009 79 mins  

I'm going to stop saying that I'm going to post more episodes more often. I absolutely don't know! Agh! Mind you, I'm now all set up technically, finally! I've been recording more consistently, so now it's just a about editing and posting :) I have recorded more than one class, and I'm refining my workflow so that I can TRULY post more episodes. I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a new Mom. My little baby is 7 months as I write this post. She has now settled into herself more, which is allowing me time to step into my own self. The only time that I have to upload, edit, post, etc. is when Hunter is sleeping. Those naps are the sacred time when I can do fun stuff like this podcast, PLUS all of the gazillion things that I have to catch up on: dishes, showers, general clean up, answering emails, paying bills, you get the picture. All I can say is that there aren't enough hours in the day to do ALL that I want to do. My life continues to ebb and flow and my biggest focus is on always remembering to constantly re-align....OH, that's the next episode!

In this week's episode I talk about LISTENING. It was all brought about by my latest venture: teaching other yoga teachers/professionals to podcast. I actually did my first 'virtual' workshop! It was very cool. Anyway, within the workshop I explained why I'm partial to an AUDIO yoga class as opposed to VIDEO. Y'all can listen to my intro to find out why ;)

And my new site! YoGeek.Me

Thank you for continuing to listen. I so appreciate you guys very very much.

Enjoy the yoga class!

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In this yoga podcast, we have a level 2 class! Can you believe it? It has been a while ;)

The class was recorded at Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh!

Props needed: a yoga block


Hands and Knees

Downward Facing Dog/Eka Pada Downward Facing Dog/Opening the Hip in Down Dog/High Lunge

downward facing dogone legged downward facing dog with hips squaredOne legged Downward Facing Dog opening the hipOne legged Downward Facing Dog with crazy open hip straight legged lunge



chattarunga dandasana

Downward Facing Dog

Uttanasana/Ardha Uttanasana x 3

uttanasanaardha uttanasana


Surya Namaskar x 3

tadasanaurdhva hastasanauttanasana ardha uttanasana plank pose chattarunga dandasana cobradownward facing doguttanasana ardha uttanasanaurdhva hastasanatadasana

Crescent Pose

Vira II into Reverse Vira

warrior IIreverse warrior



Uttanasana with arms interlaced behind the back

Tadasana (with eyes closed)

Vira II into Reverse Warrior (with eyes closed)

warrior IIreverse warrior

Trikonasana (with eyes closed)


Tree Pose

Pincha Mayurasana Prep

pincha mayurasana arm alignmentpincha mayurasana prep 1pincha mayurasana prep 2


Pigeon Prep

Pigeon with Block on top of front thigh

Pigeon with Thigh stretch

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with a thigh stretch

Setubandha into Urdhva Dhanurasana x 3

setubandha stage 1setubandha robot armssetubandha urdhva dhanurasana

Downward Facing Dog with knees bent into Straight legged


Child's Pose

Supine Twist

Knees to Chest